In 2007, I pegged Cyberlesque as ‘Neo-burlesque with a futuristic twist’ and took to stages around the north performing my Fetish and Pink routines.

The idea came about when I decided to branch from modelling into burlesque performances, but felt that I needed a theme that fitted my alternative and often cyber look at the time.  I bought a pair of pink sequined heart pasties that matched my favoruite hair falls perfectly, and began to put some routines together.

The music was exclusively heavy dance or EBM, which allowed for an entirely different atmosphere to the typical burlesque routine. The acts were debuted at a burlesque rock night and the rest, as they say, is history.

However in 2010, on my return to the burlesque scene, I made the decision to retire both routines and the Cyberlesque theme for the near future. Although both routines were a great deal of fun, and popular at the time, I felt that it was important to move forward. I had been having lots of ideas for brand new routines that took a more traditional approach to burlesque and decided that ti was time to persue them.

Although gone for now, though, they may not be gone forever. Indeed, the Cyberlesque Fetish routine has recently been re-worked into a fetish themed routine entitled ‘Dark Delights,’ which will be debuted at Risque Business Stockton on September 25th.

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