1920’s Gangsta

I recently did a shoot with photographer and film maker Ian Robinson with a 1920’s gangsta theme. You might recognise Ian’s name, as he is the very talented film maker who filmed my ‘Masculine Women Feminine Men’ video last year. I worked with 3 other models:¬†Farshad Dortadj, Aimee Charlotte and Stephen Robinson, and we all took on a variety of roles from the jealous lover to the seductress/seducer to the gambler and his escort. We shot in the Dicken’s Inn in Middlesbrough, and I really feel that we managed to convey the glitz of 1920’s glamour intermingled with the seediness of illicit alcohol, gambling and murder.

We also worked with a fantastic new make-up artist, Samantha Alice Brewster, whose work you can find here.

You can find the photos here and here in the Themed Shoots section of this website. Enjoy!

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