Steamship Cabin Boy

Twice a year, for several years now, I have been attending Whitby Goth Weekend. During the time that I’m there, I often try to book in atleast one shoot, preferably with photographers from elsewhere that I may not otherwise get a chance to work with.

On this occasion, I worked with Dave Charsley of Decline Gothica photography. We worked together previously a year ago on the ‘Sisters Todd’ themed shoot with Avatar Photography and Mistress H, and it was a pleasure to work together again.

We decided to go a steampunk boy theme because although I dress as a boy quite regularly onstage, I’d never played with gender in that way in a photoshoot. i tried to evoke something both feminine and masculine in this shoot, and I’m really pleased with the final shots.

I also had the pleasure of meeting the lovely Druidess of Midian, who appears in a couple of the photos. Although our working together was a last minute decision, she and her partner were absoluetly lovely and a pleasure to work with. I absolutely love the Victorian Lady/Rentboy shot that we created together:

The rest of the photos from this set are featured in the Steampunk album.

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