Burlesque with Pete Copeland

Recently, I worked with the fantastic Pete Copeland on some burlesque promo shots. I had been looking forward to working with Pete for quite some time and I am really pleased wth the final images. We shot my ‘Luck be a Lady’ burlesque costume as I realised that to date I only had live photos of this act. We also shot some more general burlesque images that are also a sneak preview to some extent of a fandance idea that has been in my head for several months. Watch this space as it may be ready to be debuted very soon! I was my own make-up artist for this shoot, but the glitter that I used on my lips was by the fabulous Kirsten Lapping Designs. You can find the rest of the images from this shoot in the burlesque gallery here:

We also did a few alternative fashion shots and they can be found here:

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Ghosts of the Past

I am very excited to share this set of images with you. I have even given them their own page because I feel that they are so different from my other work. “Ghosts of the Past” is a set of images that I worked on with the fabulous Alan Mason at Riverside Studios up in Morpeth. The brief for the shoot was to produce a set of steampunk images that evoked something most steampunk imagery to date does not seem cheap windows 10 key to be able to. I certainly haven’t seen anything like this before and I was absolutely thrilled to be part of it.

The images suggest several moments overlaying each other, almost as if history and the present time are colliding. As a huge fan of both steampunk style and literature, I firmly believe that steampunk revisits the past from a contemporary perspective and it was so exciting to be able to portray this idea visually. I thoroughly windowskeys enjoyed this shoot and I hope that you all like the images as much as I do.

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Headline Honeys

I had a fantastic time performing at the Headline Honeys’ ‘H-Factor: Search for a Honey’ show. I didn’t get through to the final, but I was up against some unbelievably talented competition. Congratulations to Lulu Roxx and Victoria Rose – I have no idea how the judges are going to decide who finally wins because they are just so good! The most important part of taking part in the competition, for me, was getting the oportunity to perform at such a well-known local burlesque night with such a fabulous reputation. I have been a Honeys attendee for a long time now, and it was an absolute thrill to perform on their stage in front of so many familiar (and also many not so familiar) faces. Thank you to Frankii Wilde and the rest of the Honeys windows10explained.com crew for making me feel welcome and making the whole experience such a blast. You can see the next set of heats for the ‘H-Factor’ competition tonight, where there are 4 more talented ladies windows 10 product key taking to the stage to compete! If you don’t already know the details, you can find the facebook event here.

I have uploaded lots of photos from the night to the Polly Pocket album: 

And here are a few backstage shots for you to check out as well:

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Brand new images!

A few weeks ago I did a shoot Windows 10 Professional OEM Key with the lovely Ian Bennett of IRB Photography. We worked windows10explainedwith a mostly gothic theme, but we also created some fashion images as well. I’ve uploaded lots of these images because I was really pleased with the results. You can find them here: Goth and Fashion.

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Polly Pocket Debut

On saturday 31st March, I debuted my Polly Pocket routine at New Vegas Dolls in Hartlepool. It was also my return to the stage after a 6 month break and I can honestly say that I am back with a bang! Not only was the routine well received at a fantastic night, but I also thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. Thank you to all of the wonderful people involved in the show and all the lovely people who came along!

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Capital G shoot

Last weekend, I had my first shoot of 2012. This was a turning point for me since I have done very little modelling since my recent illness. I worked with windows 10 key Online the lovely Gregg Jamieson of Capital G photography and we explored a number of different styles. I’ve added a couple of images to give you a sneak peak and buy windows 10 key there will be many more coming very soon.

You can find the rest in my Fashion album.


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Search for a Honey Finalist

I am very pleased to announce that I have been shortlisted in the final to be the next Headline Honey! For those of you who don’t know, Headline Honeys are a long running burlesque troupe performing once a month in Middlesbrough and once a month in Darlington in the north-east of England. As a regular attendee of this night, I am absolutely honoured to get to take to their stage to compete in this competition.

Details of when I will be performing are still to be confirmed, but in the meantime, you can check out Headline Honeys’ facebook page here.

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Brand new act for 2012 – Polly Pocket

I am pleased to announce my newest burlesque act for 2012. It is inspired by a toy that I absolutely loved as child, and it felt only natural to update her for the 21st century burlesque scene and give her a sleazy edge. I am therefore very excited to present to you:

Polly Pocket – This is Violet as you’ve never seen her before: cute, pink and blonde! Violet emerges from behind her compact as 90′s doll, Polly Pocket, but behind the adorable exterior there lurks a sexy side just waiting to get out.

This brand new act will be debuted on 31st March at the New Vegas Dolls in Hartlepool. Photos and video footage coming soon!

If you would like to book this act, please email me at: vm@violetmagenta.co.uk

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1920’s Gangsta

I recently did a shoot with photographer and film maker Ian Robinson with a 1920’s gangsta theme. You might recognise Ian’s name, as he is the very talented film maker who filmed my ‘Masculine Women Feminine Men’ video last year. I worked with 3 other models: Farshad Dortadj, Aimee Charlotte and Stephen Robinson, and we all took on a variety of roles from the jealous lover to the seductress/seducer to the gambler and his escort. We shot in the Dicken’s Inn in Middlesbrough, and I really feel that we managed to convey the glitz of 1920’s glamour intermingled with the seediness of illicit alcohol, gambling and murder.

We also worked with a fantastic new make-up artist, Samantha Alice Brewster, whose work you can find here.

You can find the photos here and here in the Themed Shoots section of this website. Enjoy!

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A few years ago, I took part in a TV pilot episode for a show called ‘Freakarama’ produced by Growling Clown Entertainment. I don’t have a very big part, but in a few of the scenes, you can see me custard-wrestling with several other burlesque ladies. Enjoy!

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