Violet Magenta is a versatile performer, whose acts range from character based comedy routines to traditional stripteases. Whether she is taking to the stage as a Victorian boy, or spreading glitter as Lady Luck, she is sure to raise eyebrows and smiles.

The following routines are currently available for booking. Please email vm@violetmagenta.co.uk for bookings and availability.

Masculine Women Feminine Men –¬†Sometimes those cheeky Victorian lads aren’tquite what they seem! Violet takes to the stage as a Victorian boy, complete with a masculine swagger, but as the music changes, so does her gender and she stripteases to reveal the femininity hiding just beneath the surface. Labelled by some as a Feminist routine and by others as a Steampunk one, this act is sure to raise laughter and eyebrows.




Masculine Women, Feminine Men. from Ian Robinson on Vimeo.

Luck be a Lady – Sometimes Lady Luck is a great girl to be around, but her affections change far too easily.¬†A very traditional striptease burlesque routine to Sinatra’s song of the same name that gives a nod and a wink to the glitz and the glam of Las Vegas. With a costume made of playing cards and poker chips, Violet blows handfuls of glitter around the stage before undressing to reveal poker chip pasties and pouring copious amounts of glitter over her upper body. This is by far the messiest and most sparkley that Violet Magenta gets!


Zombie Prostitute – A tongue-in-cheek zombie themed routine to Voltaire’s song of the same name, that is perfect for a halloween/horror themed event or even just for fun. Violet emerges as a zombie and shakes her thing as only a zombie prostitute could, even taking the time to share jelly worms with the audience.


Dark Delights – The pang of dark delights. This routine takes on darker fetish theme with lots of pvc, a riding crop and a set of handcuffs. Violet saunters around the stage seducing the audience with a sensual striptease to Bauhaus’ ‘Double Dare.’ Do you dare to try it?


Polly Pocket – This is Violet as you’ve never seen her before: cute, pink and blonde! Violet emerges from behind her compact as 90’s doll, Polly Pocket, but behind the adorable exterior there lurks a sexy side just waiting to get out.

For bookings or enquiries, email: vm@violetmagenta.co.uk

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