Health Update

Sorry to have neglected you all on here. Unfortunately, I’ve been experiencing severe abdominal pains for the last 9 weeks, which resulted in me having to cancel some gigs and eventually culminated in me spending most of last week in hospital. On Saturday I was finally given a diagnosis of Crohn’s Disease (please don’t gasp, it really isn’t anything serious) and I’ve finally been given some medication that seems to be working.

I don’t want to say that I’m back with a bang because it’s only early days and I don’t know how well the medication is going to work over the coming weeks. However, I do intend to honour any bookings that I can as I most certainly don’t want to let fans or promoters down. What’s more, both modelling and burlesque are things that I love and thus I’m not willing to give them up without a fight.

I also realise that I owe you all plenty of photos that I haven’t been well enough to upload as I’d previously promised. By way of apology, I’ve included one of my favourite images from my most recent shoot in this post and I will try to get the rest of the set online for you all very very soon.

Love as always,


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