Ghosts of the Past

I am very excited to share this set of images with you. I have even given them their own page because I feel that they are so different from my other work. “Ghosts of the Past” is a set of images that I worked on with the fabulous Alan Mason at Riverside Studios up in Morpeth. The brief for the shoot was to produce a set of steampunk images that evoked something most steampunk imagery to date does not seem cheap windows 10 key to be able to. I certainly haven’t seen anything like this before and I was absolutely thrilled to be part of it.

The images suggest several moments overlaying each other, almost as if history and the present time are colliding. As a huge fan of both steampunk style and literature, I firmly believe that steampunk revisits the past from a contemporary perspective and it was so exciting to be able to portray this idea visually. I thoroughly windowskeys enjoyed this shoot and I hope that you all like the images as much as I do.

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